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the Ugliest Studio in Utah


Our rates are pretty straight forward. They are:

$35 an hour

It really doesn't matter what we do, it's the same. So if we are tracking, it's $35 an hour. For mixing, it's $35 an hour. It's also $35 an hour waiting for the artists to show up and $35 an hour waiting for the drummer and guitarist to tune up and $35 an hour watching the band rehearse.

To save you some serious money, we have a page that has important tips on getting the most for your money. Be sure to visit the Preparation Page.

Some inexperienced artists figure that if a song can be played in under five minutes, they should easily be able to knock out four songs an hour and record a whole album in three hours. Those are the artists who have never recorded an album.

Because no one is perfect, just recording a vocal track can easily require 3 or 4 takes with the best parts of each mixed for the final vocal performance. Add keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and more and the whole process much more time.

In planning your budget, please remember that recording tracks for a song is only part of the job. Those tracks will require mixing. Since tracking nearly always takes longer than anticipated, doubling how long you planned to take is probably closer to the real time it takes when you include mixing. And if it doesn't take that long, you'll feel great about the money you saved.

Terms and Conditions

We don't record for the money, really. But if we don't make some money, our time will have to be spent doing something else that does make money. And then we won't have time for recording. We hope you understand.

In order to continue in the recording business, we have established the following terms and conditions.

  1. We don't record rap and heavy metal types of music at any price. Repeatedly listening to it makes our engineer go beserk. We can't afford the psychiatric treatment required to get him back to normal.
  2. Don't ask us to use heavy compression and limiting on your mix. The resulting distortion and lack of dynamic range makes us look bad. If you take your tracks to another studio to have it done, please don't give us credit in your liner notes.
  3. Payment is due immediately following the recording session. We don't release any CDs or book new sessions until payment has been made in full. Everything we have was already obtained on credit and if we don't make our payments, they'll come take it away. Therefore, we are unable to extend credit to you as we are already over our limit.
  4. A studio inventory is made before and after each session. Anything that was accidently picked up or damaged will be billed for. Please label your equipment so there won't be a mix up.
  5. If you want studio backups, we will burn the files to Tayo Yuden CDS which have an archival life of 100 years. We charge our hourly rate so there is no charge for the CDs. This usually takes less than 10 minutes.
  6. We can accept credit card payments through PayPal. If you plan to pay by credit card, please have your personal PayPal account set up in advance. You may make the payment online from our studio.

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