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the Ugliest Studio in Utah

$99 YouTube Videos

For $99, we will create a YouTube video of you and your band suitable for uploading to YouTube and placing on your website.

Basic video: $99

This includes the basic concert set and lighting, recording your performance lip-synced to your song on CD, editing and rendering the video to a format suitable for YouTube and your website.

Additional closeups and pans: Add $59

This adds closeups and pans of performers and instruments for more of a television program look. This requires additional takes of the performance. It can also be used to cover any mistakes in lip-syncing and the performances.

Fog machine: Add $29

This adds atmospheric haze to the set and enhances the lighting effects. Your video looks more like it is a live performance. Operator and fog juice are included in the price.

Dry ice: Add $39

Dry ice is used to cool the air carrying the fog. Because cold air is heavy, the fog clings to the floor. If the fog machine is elevated, the fog will pour out of the dry ice basket and sink to the floor like a waterfall.

Part of the price is sending someone out to get the dry ice. Bring your own dry ice and we will charge only $20 since all we have to do is the set up.

Virtual applause: Add $19

Sweetens the audio track with the sounds of audience approval and applause. Gives you the chance to take bows at the end of the performance.

Virtual audience: Add $39

Silhouettes of a live audience are layered over the performance to look like the camera shots were taken from behind a real audience. Includes applause sounds.

Virtual audience closeups: Add $39

Closeups of live audience members are intercut with the performance to look like the camera shots were taken of a real audience during the performance.

Uploading video file to your YouTube account or our channel: Add $39

The final video will be uploaded to your personal YouTube account or to our account if you do not have one. Keywords will be added to make it easy to find the video for those who search for it. Code to put the video on your website will be emailed to you.

Create your personal YouTube account and upload the video: Add $59

A YouTube account will be set up in your name (or the name of your band) for this video and any future videos to be uploaded. The video will be uploaded for you and keywords given to it to make it easy to find. Code to embed the video on your website will be emailed to you along with login information for your new account.

Render video to DVD: Add $29

Your video will be put on a DVD with a menu. Additional digital content such as an interview can also be added. Because the DVD is not copy-protected, you can make as many copies as you need.

Interview video: Add $99

You will be interviewed in a TV setting with parts of your music shown as samples of what you are talking about during the interview. This is a great way to introduce yoursef to your fans. Time is limited to less than 10 minutes (a YouTube limitation). This video can be uploaded to YouTube and your website as well as added to a DVD.

Terms and Conditions

A 50% deposit is required to schedule the shoot. Since our crew will be there to build and strike the set, they still need to be paid even if you don't show up.

The video shoot is limited to one hour including set up and take down. If you are late or cause delays on the set, $70 an hour will be added.

Original songs are best. Cover tunes may require licensing for which you are responsible. If unlicensed music is upload, YouTube may remove the video.

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